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Please review your measurements below:

Grey Shadow Blackout

BlocOut™ in Grey Shadow Blackout

Flexibility of Fit:
Measure exactly where you will be fitting your blind to the closest mm. The BlocOut has the flexibility to fit in two different ways. You can fix this blind within the recess and also on the edge of recess. No need to order anything else.

Flexibility of Fit

This product is fitted within the window recess only. You have the flexibility of positioning the blind within the recess using a baton on each side of the window (Fig.A), or fitted close to the recess edge using the included batons (Fig.B).

BlocOut fitting info - inside recess
Fig. A

Positioned inside the window recess

BlocOut fitting info - edge of recess
Fig. B

Positioned at the recess edge

How To Measure for our BlocOut blind
Width Learn More

Width at Top

How to measure Width at the top of the window How to measure width of recess
Top (mm)

Width at Middle

How to measure Width at the middle of the window How to measure width of recess
Middle (mm)

Width at Bottom

How to measure Width at the bottom of the window How to measure width of recess
Bottom (mm)

Height Learn More

Height At Left

How to measure Height at the left of the window How to measure height
Left (mm)

Height At Middle

How to measure Height at the middle of the window How to measure height
Middle (mm)

Height At Right

How to measure Height at the right of the window How to measure height
Right (mm)


Recess Depth

How to measure window recess depth

How to measure depth of recess

Depth of Recess (mm)
Measure Protect Insurance. We will insure your measurements against mistakes, even if the new size is slightly bigger.
Measure Protect i

Measure Protect

Does measuring for your new blinds concern you?

With Measure Protect™ you can guarantee a perfect fit for every blind. Your measurements will be insured against mistakes up to a maximum difference of 100mm (10cm). We will collect your blinds, make the necessary amendments and send the new blinds back to you, even if your replacement blind is bigger. The price is automatically calculated for you.

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Aluminium Colour Silver White
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Customer Reference

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Total Price: £71.00
  • Blackout The BlocOut is an innovative blackout roller blind offering unrivalled levels of darkness
  • Award-winning BlocOut Our BlocOut blind blocks both light and draughts from windows. Red Dot winner 2021
  • Child Safe Safe by Design - No loose, dangerous cords or chains
  • High-quality blackout fabric
  • Precision cut to fit your window
  • Aluminium cassette and side rails
  • 9 / 10 customers get a better night's sleep
  • Lifetime guarantee on barrel system
  • Chain free spring-operated system

The BlocOut is an innovative blackout roller blind offering unrivalled levels of darkness in your bedroom, helping to ensure peaceful and restful sleep. 9 out of 10 customers said they got a better night’s sleep with the Bloc Out.

Our BlocOut XL is designed for larger windows (400mm to 2400mm in width & 300mm to 2400mm in height)

Unrivalled levels of darkness created by:
  1. High Quality Blackout Material
  2. Precision Engineered Siderails
  3. Bottom Seal

Blocks out light and draughts when combined with a black out fabric. This clever, cordless design has been independently proven by the British Board of Agreement to reduce heat loss by up to 43%.

Winner of 2017 Made for Mums award for Best Nursery Accessory, the BlocOut™ is a perfect sleep aid for children and adults alike. No cords therefore safe by design.

Red Dot 2021 winner for excellence in product design. The judges had this to say "Thanks to its especially sophisticated material composition, the BlocOut performs outstandingly in its function as a blackout element while additionally improving the indoor climate."

1 Windows directly behind BlocOut Blinds must remain closed as this could cause the fabric to move when the blind is closed.

2 Printed fabrics with a drop greater than 1400mm may have a join

3 Plain fabrics with a width and drop both greater than 1900mm may have a join

  1. How do I measure correctly?

    Follow our How to Measure video instructions.

    We require 7 measurements so that this custom made blind can be perfectly fitted to your window with no light gaps. Measure from where you will be fitting the Blind. With the BlocOut we want you to have unrivalled levels of darkness. This unique system with bespoke side rails is designed to block out light and draughts.

  2. How do I install the blind?

    Our BlocOut is very easy to install. We include an installation instruction manual. You can also check out our How to Install videos for more details.

  3. Is the Bloc Out child safe?

    Yes! Bloc Out Blinds are Safe by Design. The easy-to-use, chain free spring-operated system removes the need for dangerous pull cords which present a strangulation hazard to young children. The blind is adjusted simply, with precision and ease.

  4. What is best to use to measure correctly?

    We advise on using a laser or measuring tape. Measure to the nearest mm to get precision fitting.

  5. What type of window does the BlocOut blind not fit?

    The BlocOut blind is unsuitable for victorian sash windows, angled recesses, inward opening windows or bay windows.

    We would recommend sending photos of these types of windows to our customer services team to check suitability.