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Mariner's Teal Translucent

EasyFit Roller Blind in Mariner's Teal Translucent

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With Measure Protect™ you can guarantee a perfect fit for every blind. Your measurements will be insured against mistakes up to a maximum difference of 100mm (10cm). We will collect your blinds, make the necessary amendments and send the new blinds back to you, even if your replacement blind is bigger. The price is automatically calculated for you.

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Total Price: £15.00
  • Drill Free Easy installation with no power tools or DIY skills required
  • Perfect Fit Every EasyFit Roller Blind is custom built to order and perfectly made to measure
  • Built-in Fabric Changer Update & refresh your look in seconds with our award-winning, built-in fabric changer. Learn more here
  • Built-in fabric changer reduces waste fixtures
  • Suitable for any room, adheres perfectly to tiles
  • Lifetime guarantee on barrel system
  • Translucent & blackout fabric choices available

The Bloc EasyFit Roller Blind is perfect for those of us who are too busy for DIY (or simply don’t have the desire). The installation is effortless, requiring no use of power tools or expensive equipment. Simply put, it’s hassle free!

Every roller blind is made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit. It is safe for the whole home. The clever adhesive design securely holds the blind in place whether on walls or tiles.

Seeking choice? We hear you. Bloc EasyFit Roller Blinds come in either transparent or blackout fabric options.

The fabric you order doesn’t have to be your fabric forever. Every EasyFit Roller Blind is fitted with our award-winning Fabric Changer. This allows you to update your look in seconds with no need to re-measure. How?

  1. Scan:Lower the blind and scan the QR code present on the barrel
  2. Shop:Choose your new fabric choice and order from our site
  3. Swap:Hook off the old fabric and hook on the new perfectly made to measure fabric

Learn more about our fabric changer here

  1. If I order a Roller Blind in a Blackout Fabric, will my room be blackout?

    Yes and no. The fabric is 100% blackout and will stop the light from passing through the material, however, when combined with a roller blind system, there is a small gap between the fabric and the walls which will allow some light to filter into the room. If this is a concern you can look at the BlocOut™ black out system which will provide unmatched levels of darkness in your room unrivalled by other blackout blind alternatives currently on the market.

  2. Are Roller Blinds fitted inside or outside the recess?

    Bloc EasyFit Roller Blinds can only be fitted inside the recess. This is down to the adhesive easy fit bracket.

  3. Can I install Roller Blinds and Curtains?

    Yes. No problem. Many people add roller blinds to their windows in addition to curtains to suit their needs. Look here for more inspiration: Blog: Curtains or Blinds?

  4. Do Roller Blinds keep the heat in?

    Yes! Our EasyFit Roller Blinds fit snuggly in your window opening. This means they can help block cold draughts and reduce heat escaping out through the windows. This helps keep heat in and reduce energy consumption. Any window lining will help keep heat in a room as it does provide a form of installation, so all Bloc Blinds can be useful in this way.

  5. What way should a Roller Blind Face?

    Typically, our roller blinds roll towards the glass. This is known as a standard roll. The direction of the roll, however, is totally your choice. A reverse roll occurs when the roller blind is installed and rolls down towards the room. Either works well, just be cautious of the direction your fabric is printed.

  6. How do I clean my Roller Blinds?

    It’s easy to keep your roller blinds looking fresh and clean for years to come. While you can use a duster, a vacuum is most effective at removing dust from roller blind fabric. You can vacuum them every few weeks using a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery brush attachment.

    Simply roll the blind all the way down so the fabric is flat and doesn’t have any folds. Hold the edge of the blind fabric and begin vacuuming from top to bottom.

    If you want a deeper clean that removes small layers of grime, you can also use a damp cloth after vacuuming.