Skylight Blinds for VELUX ggl
BlocOut™ XL Blackout window blind with side rails for larger windows (up to 2400mm)
Rollerblind Made to measure with Fabric Changer system
EasyFit Roller Blind Drill free, easy to fit with Fabric Changer system
Premium Roller Blind Cassette roller with fabric pelmet option
Zebra Roller Blind Flexible light control day and night
Twin Roller Blind Multi-tasking double roller with Fabric Changer System
Additional Fabrics Order new fabric for any Fabric Changer Roller Blind
Skylight Blinds
Made to Measure Skylight Blinds Custom made for non-standard skylight sizes
Solar Skylight Blinds Remote control operated with solar powered batteries
Skylight Blind Accessories Poles and extra remote controls
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Skylight Blinds for velux ggl

Skylight blinds designed to fit perfectly into your velux® window.

Bloc Skylight Blinds will fit any skylight. With our simple cassette style system installation couldn't be simpler. Choose from our wide range of dimout and blackout fabrics to perfectly match your interior.

For your convenience, we offer Skylight blinds compatible with skylights from several manufacturers. Just select your Skylight manufacturer and type. If your manufacturer is not listed on our website, you can order made-to-measure blinds at amazing prices.

Bloc blinds are made of high quallity materials. Every Bloc Blind comes with a 3 year guarantee as standard.

Whatever your skylight window might be, Bloc Blinds will have a cost effective solution.

Shop for blinds compatible with:

ggl 064

ggl 1

ggl 10

ggl 101

ggl 102

ggl 104

ggl 11

ggl 13

ggl 14

ggl 2

ggl 204

ggl 206

ggl 3

ggl 304

ggl 306

ggl 308

ggl 31

ggl 310

ggl 312

ggl 334

ggl 4

ggl 404

ggl 406

ggl 408

ggl 410

ggl 425

ggl 434

ggl 5

ggl 6

ggl 601

ggl 606

ggl 608

ggl 610

ggl 634

ggl 7

ggl 74

ggl 8

ggl 804

ggl 808

ggl 810

ggl 834

ggl 9

ggl B04

ggl BKO4

ggl C01

ggl C02

ggl C04

ggl C06

ggl C08

ggl CK01

ggl CK02

ggl CK04

ggl CK06

ggl F04

ggl F06

ggl F08

ggl FK04

ggl FK06

ggl FK08

ggl M04

ggl M06

ggl M08

ggl M10

ggl M12

ggl M27

ggl M31

ggl M34

ggl M36

ggl M38

ggl MK04

ggl MK06

ggl MK08

ggl MK10

ggl MK12

ggl MK27

ggl MK31

ggl MK34

ggl MK35

ggl MK36

ggl MK38

ggl P04

ggl P06

ggl P08

ggl P10

ggl P25

ggl P31

ggl P34

ggl P36

ggl P38

ggl PK04

ggl PK06

ggl PK08

ggl PK10

ggl PK25

ggl PK31

ggl PK34

ggl PK35

ggl PK36

ggl PK38

ggl S01

ggl S06

ggl S08

ggl S10

ggl S31

ggl S34

ggl S36

ggl S38

ggl SK01

ggl SK06

ggl SK08

ggl SK10

ggl SK31

ggl SK34

ggl SK35

ggl SK36

ggl SK38

ggl U04

ggl U06

ggl U08

ggl U10

ggl U31

ggl U34

ggl UK04

ggl UK06

ggl UK08

ggl UK10

ggl UK31

ggl UK34

ggl UK35

ggl UK36

ggl UK38

Customer Reviews

Why choose Bloc?

1. Value for money 
All Bloc Blinds will save you on average 50% of the cost of an equivalent blind from the original manufacturer.   
2. High quality components
Every blind is manufactured using the highest quality components.  This is reflected in the guarantee cover we are able to offer.
 3. A Three Year Guarantee
Every Bloc Blind comes with a 3 year guarantee as standard, a testament to the quality and design of the blinds and accessories.
4. Easy to fit
The Bloc Blinds range fit perfectly to the windows they are designed for. This allows easy installation of the blinds in minutes with no specialised equipment. This is not a multi-fit system as each design is suited to the particular manufacturer of the roof window.
5. Fashionable colour range
The Bloc Blinds range of colours offer a variety of different tones to suit all environments and tastes. We constantly monitor new trends and designs and update our fabrics in response.
6. Customer service
At Bloc Blinds, our customer service is the best in the business. We are easily contactable to advise on colours, installation, delivery or any other query you may have. We strive to make this process as simple as possible.
7. Delivery service
Bloc Blinds delivery service is renowned in the industry; a 5 day service as standard and next day service available on request.
8. Designed with the Environment in Mind
The Bloc Blinds designs are 100% recyclable and as the suppliers of components are local, this in turn reduces the carbon footprint of each product.