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Bloc iQ, the Intelligent Blind System, is innovation at its most impressive, seamlessly integrating into your home alongside existing smart devices. Utilising voice recognition or App control, you can check your home system at a glance, enhance home security, limit sunlight exposure and impact heat levels remotely.

Bloc Blinds App is supported across all IOS and Android devices and is compatible with 3rd party applications, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.

BlocIQ features icon - Routine Routine

Programme your blinds to open and close to suit your routine eg Mon to Fri mornings my blinds open at 7am and kids bedrooms at 7.30am automatically.

BlocIQ features icon - Independence Independence

Daily aid given through the use of Bloc iQ takes the effort out of light control in the home and promotes independent living.

BlocIQ features icon - Convenience Convenience

Operate your Bloc iQ blinds using one or more of these options:

  • Bloc Blinds smart remote
  • Voice control through Alexa & Google assistors
  • Operate using your Android/ IOS phone or tablet via Bloc Blinds app
BlocIQ features icon - Privacy Privacy

Close blinds at the touch or a button or via voice control for a private ambiance in your home.

BlocIQ features icon - Security Security

Use your routines so your blinds operate like you are at home, making potential intruders question occupancy. Perfect for when you are on holidays or working away.

BlocIQ features icon - Efficiency Efficiency

Keep rooms cooler in the summer by closing your blinds during higher temperatures. In winter programme blinds to open during high sunlight hours to heat the room, set to close shortly after to retain the heat and reduce your heating bills.

  • Timer
  • Scene settings
  • Control blinds in multiple properties from one app
  • Room control individually or simultaneously
  • App control
  • Battery feedback - feature on smart phone / tablet indicates battery levels
  • Favourite blind position
  • Service position - interchanger fabrics

Now you can shield your home from anywhere with our remote App enabled system. Bloc iQ places the power in your hands. Through AI technologies we have developed the next generation in intelligent blinds.

Bloc iQ can be at home when you are not. Specifically timing your window blinds system to engage, secure, shield and protect your home from heat and sunlight.

Create a smart home with Bloc iQ or simply integrate it with your existing smart home devices.

Compatible with:
  • Alexa
  • Google Home
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Smart Motorised Specification
Product Available in Smart Enabled Motorisation Tube Size (mm) Inter-changer Min Width (mm) Max Width (mm) Min Drop (mm) Max Drop (mm)
Rollerblind Yes 32 / 38 Yes 580 2400 500 2400
Premium Roller Blind Yes 32 Yes 580 2400 500 2400
Zebra Roller Blind Yes 32 No 580 2400 500 2400
BlocOut™ No - - - - - -
BlocOut™ XL Available in Smart Enabled Motorisation 32 Yes 580 2400 500 2400
Skylight Coming Soon - - - - - -
Smart Hub Technical Specifications
Installation Desktop or wall-mounted
Power Input 5 VDC / 1 A
Rated Current 500 mA
Rated Power <2.5 W
Standby Current <300 mA
Wi-Fi Network 802.11 b/g/n - 2.4 GHz
Device Control Frequency 433 MHz
Radio Coverage 30m for device control (indoors)
Protection Class IP20
Antenna Built-in
Working Temperature -10°C to 45°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to 55°C