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5 Ways to Maximise Natural Daylight in your Home
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Sub-header (optional): Mirrors
Text Content: Mirrors reflect light and create an illusion of extra space and so are a natural choice for anyone wishing to optimise the light in dark hallways, north facing rooms and gloomy corners. Large mirrors are most effective for reflecting light and work best either hung on the wall, leaning against the wall or arranged in panels. Image Credit: modernconsoletables.net
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Sub-header (optional): Window Treatments
Text Content: Shutters, heavy drapes and pelmets are light blockers minimising precious daylight from entering the room. The most effective window dressing for maximising daylight is roller blinds. By retracting up into a small roll when not in use they make way for rays to brighten up your space, translucent roller blinds will softly filter light and transparent roller blinds will allow a feeling of depth and space whilst maintain a good degree of privacy in overlooked areas. Image Credit: Bloc Blinds
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Sub-header (optional): Declutter Indoors And Out
Text Content: Have a rethink about your internal window space, remove furniture from the floor area around the window, and reduce clutter and ornaments on the window sill. Obstacles outside the window might also be blocking precious daylight therefore trimming high hedges and trees and will help greatly. Think about changing the feet on exisiting furniture to raise chairs, sofas and footstools above the floor therefore bringing added light across the room from the ground up. Image Credit: Ideal Home
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Sub-header (optional): In The Clear
Text Content: Adding glass panels to interior doors will brighten up dark areas and create a flow of light. Glass or perspex furniture help create a bright and airy feel with a contemporary twist. Coffee tables, side tables and even the famous ghost chairs will reduce shadow and emphasise brightness. Image Credit: froghilldesigns.net
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Sub-header (optional): Roof Lights
Text Content: Installing a skylight where possible will work wonders for the addition of extra light in your home. Enjoy the sun as it travels across the sky thoughout the day and benefit form blue skies without having to leave the house. Bring a cosy feel to your room at night by adding remote control skylight blinds for added flexibility.