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Best Black Out Blinds for Babies and Children
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Sub Header (Optional): Best Black Out Blinds for Babies and Children
Text Content: It's official; the best black out blinds for babies and children are right here! Great news for sleepy mums and dads, Bloc Blinds’ multi award winning black out roller blind has done it again! Following thorough testing by the MadeForMums team, experts, celebrity judges, and home testers, we are delighted that the BlocOut™ Blind has won the Silver Award in the Best Nursery Accessory category.
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Sub Header (Optional): Award Winning Blackout Blinds For Nursery Help Baby To Sleep
Text Content: The clever light blocking system creates a perfect environment for little ones to enjoy daytime naps as well as encouraging them to sleep better throughout the night. Unrivalled levels of darkness are achieved with Bloc Blinds’ engineer designed side bars running along both sides of the blind preventing light from entering through exposed edges.
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Sub Header (Optional): Cordless Children’s Bedroom Blinds
Text Content: Safety is guaranteed with the BlocOut™ Blind. As members of the BBSA Bloc Blinds ensure the BlocOut™ Blind meets the highest child safety standards. Cordless, with a motorised option available at the point of order, you can rest assured that your baby is safe and sound.
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Sub Header (Optional): Made To Measure Children’s Blinds Online
Text Content: The BlocOut™ Blind is made to measure to suit your window. Made exclusively in the UK all Bloc Blinds’ products are easy to measure and easy to fit.
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Sub Header (Optional): Modern Nursery Blinds: Choose From A Wide Range Of Stylish Black Out Blind Fabrics
Text Content: Bloc Blinds understand that whilst safety and functionality are paramount you shouldn’t have to compromise on home decor style. That’s why you have a wide range of contemporary black out blinds fabrics to choose from to suit your interior tastes.
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Sub Header (Optional): Black Out Blinds For Bedrooms Because Parents Need Sleep Too!
Text Content: The BlocOut™ Black Out Blind isn’t just for babies’ bedrooms. Parents of young children, shift workers and light sleepers need to ensure they get best quality sleep whenever they can. With darkness guaranteed, catching up on much needed rest won’t be a problem whatever time of the day or night.
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Sub Header (Optional): Save Money With Cost And Energy Efficient Blinds
Text Content: The BlocOut™ blind creates a barrier between the window and the room. Independently tested by the British Board of Agreement, it has been scientifically proven reduce heat loss through the window by up to 43% as well as allowing radiator heat to circulate freely around the room, saving you money on high heating costs.