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Day and Night Blinds, Vision Blinds or Zebra Blinds?
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Sub-header (optional): Zebra Blinds, Day and Night Blinds, and Vision Blinds. What's the Difference?
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Zebra Blinds, Day and Night Blinds and Vision Blinds, whatever you want to call them, the answer is that they are all the same thing! Bloc Blinds' Zebra Roller Blinds will give the ultimate control over how light enters your room. The striped fabric, which gives the blind it’s name, rotates in the barrel to allow you to decide how and when you allow sunlight and privacy affect your room.

Multiple Options For Your Room Alternating bands of transparent and translucent fabric work in transition to create 3 options for users:

Filtered Light- This is when the two types of material are alternating to allow bands of filtered light into the room. You can still see out whilst maintaining a good degree of privacy.

Fully Closed- This is when the translucent bands of fabric are lined up to block out strong sunlight and allow total privacy.

Fully Retracted- Ideal for when you want full daylight to enter the room and have a clear view of outside.

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Zebra blinds work well in all rooms in the house. They are made to measure, here in the UK, ensuring a perfect fit. Zebra blinds are ideal for rooms which are in use day and night. You can block out strong rays or allow a gentle filtering of daylight throughout the day with the option of complete privacy in your room at night.

Zebra Blinds In A Wide Range Of Colours Bloc Blinds offer day and night blinds in a wide range of stylish complimentary colours to suit all types of decor.

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Whichever name you choose to use, you can be guaranteed that you'll love the adaptability and style that comes with this innovative and modern alternative to the traditional vertical blinds.