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A New Age In Blinds For Children’s Rooms
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Sub Header (Optional): Dinosaur Roar!
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Dinosaurs may not have roamed the earth for 63 million years but their appeal in the eyes of children never fades. Whether it’s finding out facts about their varied eating habits and ferocious battles or looking at skeletons and fossils there is much fun and fascination associated with these prehistoric creatures.

When it comes to choosing a theme for your child’s bedroom the dinosaur look is very easily accessorised with many stores stocking dinosaur themed accessories, bed linen, books, nightwear and wall art. Not to mention the constant presence of these ancient animals in books, cartoons and in the movies.

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Sub Header (Optional): Fun Decor Ideas For Children's Bedrooms And Playrooms
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Try adding some excitement to your child’s bedroom window with our dinosaur themed print which is made from blackout material, or shop or full range of children's window blinds and order free fabric samples today. The perfect solution for light sleepers, early risers and daytime nappers!

And what happens when the time comes for your little Dinomaniac’s interests to evolve beyond the Jurassic era? No worries, you have the option of easily changing the look of the room as your child grows. Try installing our Fabric Changer Roller Blinds. The swappable fabric system allows you to change styles, in seconds, when you want! Our large choice of fabrics ranges from plains to complimentary stripes for a slightly more grown up look as tastes change.