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Dressing a Bay Window
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Sub Header (Optional): History Of Bay Windows
Text Content: Bay windows have been a popular feature of residential architecture for years. To this day many people view bay windows as a deciding feature when buying property particularly in period housing, but increasingly so in stylish new builds as well.
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Sub Header (Optional): The Benefits Of A Bay Window
Text Content: Bay windows are used to increase the flow of natural light into a building. They also make rooms appear larger, and provide views of the outside which would be unavailable with an ordinary window.
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Sub Header (Optional): Creating A Functional Bay Window Area
Text Content: Figuring out the best way to dress a bay window area can be a daunting task for even the most confident interiors enthusiasts. First of all it’s important to establish the function you want your bay area to have. Popular uses for bay windows are areas for dressing tables, dining tables, reading areas and window seats.
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Sub Header (Optional): Create Space And Prevent Heat Loss
Text Content: Many bay window areas have radiators placed directly underneath the panes of glass. With this in mind it’s important not to block the flow of heat around the room or to direct it out through the window. When considering window dressing options for bay windows don’t forget to factor in the extra floor space that the area offers, for example adding voluminous floor trailing drapes will fill up precious room and limit usage.
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Sub Header (Optional): Ideas For Dressing A Bay Window
Text Content: Curtains can be difficult to hang in bay windows and clunky poles and heavy duty curtain tracks can detract from any woodwork and architraves. Shutters are another option, however it’s important to consider how much light they may block, after all the bay window is designed to add light to your home so it would be counterintuitive to block any precious daylight from brightening up your room.
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Sub Header (Optional): Window Blinds In A Bay Window
Text Content:

Blinds work particularly successfully in bay window areas for a number of reasons. First of all they optimise the area by freeing up precious floor space and allowing radiators to emit heat efficiently. Secondly they allow you to see the beauty and structure of the bay window and the surrounding woodwork.

When choosing window blinds for bay windows you have a variety of fabric options. If you live on a well lit street opt for black out blinds giving you night time privacy. For medium light filtering, try translucent blinds which will allow a good degree of natural day light to filter in whilst maintaining privacy. Transparent blinds will dress the window and provide a light and delicate look.

With Bloc Blinds’ revolutionary Fabric Changer Roller Blind, updating your look is easy. Just order additional fabric from our Scan, Shop, Swap service and you can give your room a new overhaul and update your window dressing in seconds. Simply hook off your old fabric and hook on your new one, once fitted there’s no need to measure or drill again. Bloc Blinds retains your original measurements, all you have to do is choose from our wide selection of fabrics.

This unique feature provides endless options for home owners. Never before has it been possible to have blackout blinds for retaining heat in winter months alongside the option of quickly changing them to translucent blinds for the bright spring and summer evenings.

Find out more about Bloc Blinds’ award winning Fabric Changer Roller Blind and order free fabric swatches today.