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Home Decor Trends for 2018: Bloc Blinds’ Preview and Style Edit
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Sub-header (optional): Iridescence
Text Content: Shimmer and shine your way through 2018 as metallics and pearlescent surfaces make their way into the home. Add a touch of metallic glamour with Moonlit Shimmer black out fabric. The subtle material gently catches the light to create an understated glow adding texture and depth to your room. Image Moonlit Shimmer Blackout Fabric and BlocOut™ black out blinds.
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Sub-header (optional): Floral And Vintage
Text Content: Oriental floral prints and vintage blooms are big players in 2018. Go for a fabric with big painterly flowers and merging ink effects to create eye catching drama or, how about opting for pretty cottage blooms for a relaxed, country look? Image Oriental Rose black out fabric [New Collection arriving 2018], Shiraz [black out and translucent options] and Fruit Salad Coral black out.
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Sub-header (optional): Statement Prints
Text Content: Statement prints are an ideal way to lead the decorative theme of your room. Bold and confident, they define a look and work wonderfully with modern and contemporary window styles and eclectic homes. Image Tranquillity Rust black out, Prism black out and Van Gogh Almond Blossom Yellow black out [New Collection arriving 2018]
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Sub-header (optional): Warm Earth Tones
Text Content: Greys have dictated home decor trends for the last few years and, whilst they are still a major contender, a range of warmer, natural tones are appearing in 2018 to provide a softer, cosy look. Image Natural Linen Translucent, Woodland Hush blackout fabric [New Collection arriving 2018] and Meadow Transparent
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Sub-header (optional): Candy Coated
Text Content: Pastel pops and candy colours are all set to bring fun and light heartedness to home decor this year with art deco shades and Miami vibes taking hold. Easily accessorised should you choose to go the whole hog or simply add accents to lighten the mood in any room. Image Woodland Burst black out fabric [New Collection arriving 2018]