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Tips for How to Manage the Time Change and Sleep Better
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Sub-header (optional): 5 Tips For Getting Your Best Night’s Sleep Beginning With Best Black Out Blinds
Text Content: In addition to installing the best black out blinds available on the market today, try the following tips for managing the time change as the clocks go forward and British Summer Time begins.
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Sub Header (Optional): Create Darkness In Your Bedroom
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Your body is programmed to sleep in darkness and, as the summer evenings get brighter, daylight inhibits the production of melatonin, the hormone that promotes sleep. Black out blinds will reduce light interference from daylight, street lights and porch lights. Look for high quality blackout blinds that minimise light coming through the sides.

Bloc Blinds’ multi award winning, made to measure BlocOut™ and BlocOut™ XL [for larger windows] will provide your bedroom with unmatched levels of darkness by blocking light around all four edges of your window.

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Sub Header (Optional): Establish Good Sleep Hygiene
Text Content: Technology is hard to avoid in today’s world, however, the blue light emitted by screens can play havoc with our sleep patterns. Experts advise against reading emails, catching up on news and interacting on social media late at night to avoid stimulating the mind and leading to anxiety and stress.
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Sub Header (Optional): Relax Your Mind
Text Content: Swap social media updates for a good book, practice 10 minutes of quiet meditation, use mindfulness apps, drink chamomile tea or apply lavender scented pillow sprays. Reduce or cut down on caffeine, alcohol and heavy meals close to bedtime. By avoiding reliance on chemicals for nodding off you will improve your long term sleep pattern and establish a healthy body clock. If you still have trouble sleeping don’t over think it! Get up and do something relaxing until you’re ready to return to bed and sleep again.
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Sub Header (Optional): Get Comfortable
Text Content: If your mattress is over 7 years old it will need replaced. Check your bedroom temperature and aim for between 16-18 degrees. Night wear made from natural fabrics such as silk and cotton and fresh bed linen will encourage you to relax and wake up from a good night’s sleep feeling refreshed. De-cluttering your bedroom will also aid restfulness and create calm.
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Sub Header (Optional): Don’t Abuse The Snooze Button
Text Content: Tempting as it is for most of us, sleep cannot be banked so even though you try to lie-in in the morning it’s best to avoid staying in bed too long as it will upset your body clock. Getting ready for the day in a rush won’t make you feel any better so rather than abuse the snooze button aim to get to bed earlier instead!