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Teen Bedroom Decor Ideas by Bloc Blinds
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Sub Header (Optional): Swappable Blinds
Text Content: As our needs and interests change so too does our personal style and taste and never more so than during your teens. Choose polka dot prints, fun stripes or textured plains, safe in the knowledge that when you fancy a change the Fabric Changer Roller Blind allows you to hook off your old fabric and hook on a new one in seconds without having to replace the original mechanism.
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Sub Header (Optional): Create Your Own Blinds
Text Content: Teenagers love to express themselves and explore new styles so why not allow them to unleash their creativity in a non-permanent way? Print your own window blind in any style you wish by uploading your chosen image; be it a favourite photograph, a fun selfie or even your very own work of art and when you’re ready to update your look simply swap your Fabric Changer Roller Blind in seconds!
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Sub Header (Optional): Black Out Blinds
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Parents often complain that teenagers sleep too much but many studies show that teenagers don’t, in fact, get enough sleep.

As adolescents develop, their bodies are undergoing rapid changes meaning that quality sleep is vital for healthy development. Advice from the NHS urges parents of teenagers to ‘Ensure they have a good sleeping environment – ideally a room that is dark, cool, quiet, safe and comfortable. It might be worth investing in thicker curtains or a blackout blind to help insulate against the light of summertime early mornings (and late evenings)’ The award winning BlocOut™ black out system allows you to achieve unrivaled levels of darkness in the bedroom ensuring your teenager has the best chance possible of a good night's rest.

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Sub Header (Optional): Skylight Loft Conversions
Text Content: Teenagers love their space and no better place in the house to make your own than a stylish loft conversion. Making the most of roof space is increasingly important as your family’s needs grow be it for a play room, home study or teenage den/bedroom. Bloc Blinds manufacture made to measure blinds to suit a wide range of the most popular skylight windows. For added ease of use opt for a remote control function during the ordering process.