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Summer is almost over and it’s that time of year again!

Posted by Sile on 8/26/2019 10:13:34 AM

Back to School 2019

A break in routine for the summer weeks can have your children staying up later at night and possibly sleeping longer in the morning. Come September this can lead to difficulties transitioning back into their normal pattern of waking up for school.

There are some simple tips from the National Sleep Foundation to encourage parents and children to put healthy sleep on the list of back-to-school necessities.

  1. Gradually adjust sleep and wake schedules 10 days to two weeks before the start of school. This will help set your children’s biological clocks to the new schedule.
  2. Keep a regular bedtime even on weekends. This makes sure little ones and teens are getting enough sleep. It also keeps their circadian rhythms
  3. Your children should have a relaxing bedtime routinethat is age appropriate. This helps your little ones wind down and also is applicable to older children and teenagers. The routine should be the same every night so they associate all steps with sleep.
  4. Create a sleep environmentthat is cool, quiet, dimly lit, and comfortable. (The BlocOut™ blackout blind will help with noise reduction, light and temperature control.)
  5. Electronics should be kept out of the bedroom. This includes video games, televisions, computers, and cell phones. Use of electronics before bed can lead to poor sleep. Eliminate exposure to electronic media within an hour before bed.
  6. Limit caffeine, especially after lunch. (Remember, many food and drinks have hidden caffeine such as chocolate, hot cocoa and energy drinks.)
  7. Make sure your children eat well and exercise Both these things promote sleep.

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