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Back to school sleep pattern
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Text Content: It’s that time of the year again! Getting ready to send your children back to school is bittersweet. It’s an exciting time as it means, as a parent, you can now get some peace and quiet. It can also be a stressful time thanks to all the errands needed to get ready for the term ahead. The mental preparation needed for our children's focus to switch from summer sleep mode to school mode can't be missed.
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Switching modes requires getting a good night's sleep. This is something we as parents can miss in the chaos of September. We all know how bad it feels to have a few bad nights of sleep in a row. Our mood, our mental capabilities and our physical health feel it all. For a growing child, getting plenty of sleep is essential. But do you know exactly how much is needed? It’s quite surprising! Children between 6 & 13 years old require over 9 hours of sleep and up to 11 hours to fully support development. For teens, this range lowers to between 8 and 10 hours.

So what effect does a lack of quality sleep have on a child? Well much like us adults, it has a profound effect on mood and focus. When it comes to school and learning, the effects are even more significant. Slowed processing of new information and a worsened ability to process sequences are a direct result of sleep deprivation in children. Learning and recall are effected greatly, namely in maths equations and scientific experiments. Learning musical instruments becomes more frustrating as this type of repetitive mental activity is harmed by a lack of sleep. Getting better sleep helps improve memory and problem solving capabilities. It is also a chance to grow and repair at night after a long day socialising and playing sports.

All in all, adequate sleep for our children helps the body deal with stress more effectively whilst priming the mind for taking on new information. It also saves a few hours of drowsiness in the classroom as well!
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Sub Header (Optional): How do we get our children ready to return to the school routine?
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Well, the first step is to set a regular bedtime routine and stick to it as best as possible. It can seem like wishful thinking, but it can be done! If you build in time away from devices, for instance, or keep a regular bath time and include time for relaxing activities such as reading with or without a parent, it can all help with the wind down.

Just as important as the evening routine is setting the scene for a good night’s sleep. Keeping the child’s room dark and cool with as little outside noise as possible is key to ensuring their environment is primed for sleep.
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Sub-header (optional): Keeping the room dark – it's our speciality!
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Understanding the importance of a good night's sleep is the first step in making adjustments to ensure that your child is ready to take on each school day. Making their space cool and dark is all about controlling light, in the morning and at night. We recommend installing a blackout fabric option to windows found in your children's room. The good news? All of our new and existing children’s and teen fabric choices are available blackout as standard. Our blackout fabric reduces the amount of light entering the bedroom and helps control the climate by keeping it cool in the day and cosy at night. This all creates a quiet and peaceful sleeping environment with no distractions at the right temperature.
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Our line of blackout fabrics can be fitted to our Skylights, Roller Blinds and our BlocOut line. This gives you as wide a choice as possible for your blind preference, room and budget. When it comes to completing their space, you can rest assured that your child's rest is assured.