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The Best Blackout Blinds for almost Total Darkness
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Text Content: When shopping for the best blackout blinds that provide near total darkness it’s important to make sure you know which blinds are the best fit for you. There are many retailers out there that offer the blackout effect and it's difficult to know which one to choose. It’s confusing to say the least so firstly let’s look at what a blackout blind really is and how we can achieve a total darkness effect.
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They are blinds which are designed to eliminate light penetrating a room via the windows or French doors. Predominantly, they are a type of roller blind with an opaque fabric. Within the building industry some call them dim out blinds as often they're unable to prevent 100% of light entering the room. They cannot guarantee 100% of light is eliminated due to the way they hang, normally from a top roller. The blind will hang, either on the inside or the outside of the window (or door) frame and as there isn’t normally a side or bottom panel, light will shine through the recesses around the blind. However, they can provide enough of a darkened effect for some people to be able to sleep or relax.

So how can we achieve optimum performance and as close to total darkness as possible? Creating the sanctuary you need doesn’t need to be difficult; it’s just about doing a little research before you buy. There are many solutions out there. They include using a roller blind with blackout curtains over it or obtaining a blackout covering to place directly over the window. These are good ideas but expensive and fiddly. Using more than one blackout covering on a window can restrict precious natural light entering the room throughout the day, increase dust levels and also appear cluttered.

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At Bloc Blinds research has shown us that the most efficient blackout blinds have side panels and a bottom seal, so the opaque material is flush to the sides of any window or door recess. Bloc Blinds’ made to measure BlocOut™, BlocOut™ XL and Skylight Blinds all employ this innovative system resulting in the most effective blackout solution on the market today. Measured to fit perfectly and easily, this type of fitting (rather than the more traditional top roller fitting) means the light which would normally come through the sides of the windows is eliminated by the tracks along the side.

Unless properly measured and maintained some traditional roller blind pulley systems can become loose and difficult to operate. The BlocOut™ operating system with side panels prevents this wear and tear.

Whatever your choice of blind, we can help you resolve the best blackout blinds solution for your specific windows. Call our free no obligation helpline on 0800 107 5535 for more information.