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Black Out Blinds Buy Made to Measure Online

Posted by Sile on 5/17/2018 3:19:06 PM

Made to Measure BlocOut™ black out blinds

Made to Measure Black Out Blinds for a Better Night’s Sleep this Summer

Can’t Sleep? Try Black Out Blinds That Actually Work!

Bloc Blinds have created a unique and innovative black out blind that actually works! Sleep deprivation can cause many knock on health problems not to mention create anxiety. Black out roller blinds are the perfect solution for creating optimum sleeping conditions.

The BlocOut™ and BlocOut™ XL [for extra wide and larger windows] are the best solution for achieving unmatched levels of darkness to any other black out blinds currently available on the market. The cleverly engineered side rails ensure that there are no gaps around the edge for light to get in.

BlocOut™ has recently won yet another award... the Silver Award for Best Nursery and Bedtime Product in the Made for Mums Awards 2017.

BlocOut™ black out blinds with Oriental Rose fabric

Dark Rooms Help You Sleep Better

As mid-summer approaches the lighter brighter evenings can greatly affect light sensitive sleepers. Children, babies and shift workers who require daytime naps will struggle to sleep if daylight filters into the bedroom. Melatonin is a key hormone that helps you to sleep and darkness is proven to help your body to raise melatonin levels naturally.

BlocOut™ black out blind in Moonlight Shimmer

What Are The Benefits Of Black Out Blinds?

  1. Help establish a good sleep routine: The BlocOut™ and BlocOut™ XL will allow you to sleep better in the comfort of an almost completely dark room.
  2. Sound Proof: Reduced street noise and environmental sounds.
  3. Thermal Insulation: BlocOut™ blinds are proven to reduce heat loss through the windows by up to 43%*. During summer months stay cool by allowing your BlocOut™ system to prevent heat build up during the day.

Children's Blackout Blinds

Parents of young children will be all too aware of the need for a good night’s sleep particularly during the bright summer months. Choose from a wide range of children’s fabrics and enjoy longer lie ins and earlier bedtimes.

Order children's blackout blinds Order free swatches for children's blackout blinds Fabric patterns for childrens blindsBlocOut™ blinds are chain free and easy to install. BlocOut™ blinds can be fitted in regular and skylight windows. BlocOut™ and BlocOut™ XL can be fitted both inside and outside of the window recess.

Stylish Choice Of Black Out Blinds Fabrics

Follow our Bloc Style Blog for inspiration, order free black out blinds fabric swatches today and buy black out window blinds online.

Fabric samplesBlocOut™ and BlocOut™ XL are so effective at creating darkness that they can be used in Cinema Rooms and Photography Rooms.

*BlocOut™ and BlocOut™ XL are Independently tested by the British Board of Agreement and proven to reduce heat loss through the window by up to 43%

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