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Child Safety Week
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Sub Header (Optional): The problem of window blind child safety in UK homes
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Unfortunately, loose blind cords are a strangulation hazard to children. The Make It Safe Campaign from the British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA) has helped promote alternative child safe window blind options. Important factors for improving child safety around blinds are reducing the length of cords and using tensioners to keep cords taught. However, the most significant factor is removing dangerous pull cords altogether. This is a positive change that will help create a safe home environment for young children.
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Sub Header (Optional): Bloc Wooden Blind
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At Bloc we have a very straightforward approach. As engineers, inventors, and designers we believe in using ingenuity to create products that are life-enhancing - not just in their function and the benefits they bring, but in how easy they are to install and use.

The Bloc Wooden Blind is effortlessly simple and reassuringly safe. As a professional, family-owned business we ensure that our blinds are designed to the highest safety standards. Our new Wooden Blind combines modern simplicity with the practicality of being 100% child safe. Additional features are the 50mm slats which come in a choice of smooth or a textured finish. As well as our anti-warping technology which makes our Wooden Blinds moisture resistant and suitable for any room in the house including bathrooms and kitchens.
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Sub-header (optional): What makes Bloc Wooden Blinds child safe?
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The Bloc Wooden Blind goes above and beyond to ensure all injury risks to children are removed. We have revolutionised the design and introduced the wand adjust system to our wooden blind ensuring the operation is cordless. The easy-to-use spring assisted lift system removes the need for dangerous pull cords which present a strangulation hazard to young children. This makes our wooden blind one of the safest of it’s kind in the market.

The current child safety blind law in the UK, introduced in 2014, requires that all blinds sold and installed in the UK meet certain criteria. These regulations require that loose cords or chains must be safely pinned away by a tensioner or cleat to ensure that blind cords are held permanently tight. Blind cords also have to be pinned at a height of 1.5 metres so cords are out of reach of children. However, cord operated blinds even with these safety measures are not 100% child safe. There are still risks because cords are present. Bloc Blinds has therefore removed all operating blind cords in our new wooden blind. Making sure that the risk of injury from accidental entanglement is eliminated. Giving peace of mind for parents of young children.

Our skylight blinds are also a safety conscious choice. Guided by self-contained runners, the manual pull-down option doesn’t need a dangling cord adjuster. Motorised options are operated entirely remotely so there’s no need to climb or overstretch to open or close. Our iconic BlocOut blackout blind is operated using the bottom handle, making cord adjusters a thing of the past -no cord or chain choke hazard -safe for children, older and vulnerable adults and pets.