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Do Roller Blinds Keep the Heat in?
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We're often asked do roller blinds keep the heat in and if so, how? In short, the answer is yes they do and we will explore how in this article.

A house will usually lose around 30% of its heat through the windows. This is based on a normal house with double glazing and well fitted windows. This figure dramatically increases if you have the older style Victorian or wooden framed windows which a lot of houses in the UK still have.

If you consider the average heating and water bill in the UK is £609 per annum for gas, that’s around £182.70 wasted each year by not covering your windows properly. Electricity is much more expensive. The average water and heating bill is approximately £2,456 annually. More and more new homes are electricity only and potentially you could be losing £736.80 per annum due to your window coverings.

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A simple and inexpensive way to save significant money is to fit window blinds, preferably with blackout fabrics for added insulation. A well fitted blind will reduce this loss figure by up to 16%, depending on the type and style of blind you choose. The BlocOut™ blind from Bloc Blinds has uniquely engineered side rails which will prevent heat loss through your window by up to an incredible 43%.

Roller blinds are usually modestly priced and they can also be self-fitted which reduces labour costs. Please take a look at our easy to follow tutorials where you will see how easy it is to fit your own blinds efficiently and effectively.

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Quite simply they create a barrier against the cold keeping the heat in. The great thing about fitting this type of blind is that not only does it help keeping the heat in but will also keep your room cool in the hotter summer months offering thermal regulation throughout the year.

When the blind is down on hot days throughout the summer, it can stop heat rising in the home, meaning less use of cooling equipment, such as fans or air conditioning units. In the winter months, raising the blind will let natural sunlight in to warm the house. Lowering the blind at sunset will retain this heat so that your heating doesn’t have to work too hard to get up to the desired temperature.

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With high quality fittings and fabrics a blackout roller blind will help prevent heat loss through the window when fully closed. Bloc Blinds provide a number of stylish plain and pattern blackout fabric options to choose from. If you are really serious about controlling heat, light and noise in your home then the BlocOut™ blackout blind is an ideal solution thanks to the made to measure engineered side rails and bottom seal which allows you greater thermal regulation when closed and increased heat from the sun when fully retracted.

Independently tested to reduce heat loss through the window by up to 43% you’ll enjoy the benefits of a cosy room and reduced heating bills.

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