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Festival of Sleep Day
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Sub Header (Optional): What is the festival of sleep?
Text Content: We all love crawling into our bed, snuggling up under the covers and going to sleep, but did you know there is a holiday for this? It is called the festival of sleep day.

The Festival of Sleep Day was created for those who would like to get some rest and relaxation after the festive holidays. Christmas holidays can be stressful and exhausting with buying presents, preparing the perfect Christmas day dinner and of course the New Year’s celebrations, so it is important to catch up on some well needed sleep.
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Sub Header (Optional): How to celebrate the festival of sleep Day
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  • Jump into your favourite PJ’s
  • Crawl into bed
  • Only get up when you feel like it
  • Make sure you have a calm, soothing place to sleep
  • Have a short nap if you prefer
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Sub Header (Optional): Steps to take to have a better night’s sleep
Text Content:
  • Set aside no more than 8 hours sleep
  • Stick to a sleep schedule; go to bed and get up at the same time every day
  • Don’t go to bed hungry or stuffed; avoid heavy meals within a couple of hours of bedtime
  • Create a restful environment; usually dark and quiet
  • Partaking in regular physical activity can promote a better night’s sleep
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Sub-header (optional): How can Bloc Blinds help you get a better sleep?
Text Content: Sleep nourishes life. And just like the food we eat, the better the quality, the better we feel. Restless and unsettled nights starve our wellbeing resulting in unproductive, anxious days. This is why we want to help you create the perfect sleep environment.

Our award-winning BlocOut blind provides unrivalled levels of darkness, allowing you to create bedroom darkness for high quality sleep, whether it’s during the day or night. Not only does our BlocOut provide almost total darkness, it also provides heat retention and noise reduction, making it the perfect addition to any bedroom for a more peaceful sleep.

The better we sleep, the better we live.