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How to Hang & Install Roller Blinds
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Sub Header (Optional): Get The Measurement Right Before Fitting
Text Content: It's really important to ensure you've carried out measuring of the window with our guide to ensure the finished product looks perfect and how you expected it to be. Once the blind has been attached, you could create extra work for yourself if it needs to be moved (filling in holes etc.) Detailed below are the fitting instructions for our Roller Blinds, to demonstrate the simplicity and ease of fitting your own blind. There are 3 fitting positions for recess mounted Roller Blinds; head fix, side fix and surface fix onto the window frame itself. depending on which blind you choose. See below how to fit recess mounted Roller Blinds. Click here for Video iinstructions Check to ensure the area is free from any other fittings and obstacles eg trickle vent Measure the width where you want the blind to be fitted inside the recess Measure the height of the blind starting at the top of your window to the sill. Position the bracket mark, drill and fix into position with the fixings provided Repeat on the other side When fitting a standard roll blind fit the blind at least 40mm away from your window frame to avoid the handle on your window sash. Check your blind is level. British safety standards state that a continuous chain needs to be fastened to the recess wall therefore the chain must be fitted with the safety P-Clip supplied. You can now raise and lower the blind as desired.
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Sub Header (Optional): Instructions And Tutorials
Text Content: Using the navigation or checking out the footer of our website, you will see links to our How-To Instruction Videos. Please check these out.