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How to install Bloc EasyFit Roller Blinds
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Text Content: January is all about change. From walking more to eating better, or simply clearing out the clutter at home, we're all channelling that New Year energy into our daily lives. But despite our best intentions, time is tight and DIY projects may be mounting up. The old spirit level is gathering dust in the cupboard, and it's feeling neglected! If you are thinking of updating or refreshing your blinds at home, you'll be pleased to know there is a quick and drill-free way to install new roller blinds. Read on to learn all about Bloc EasyFit Roller Blinds and how easy they are to install.
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Sub Header (Optional): Why would I need EasyFit Roller Blinds?
Text Content: With time comes experience, and our customers have shown us the many reasons people wish to install EasyFit Roller Blinds. EasyFit has provided a stylish solution for tenants of rented properties looking to fit their own blinds. EasyFit can be installed without needing to obtain permission from landlords to drill holes since none are required. Others simply don’t trust themselves (or their partners) to use power tools without damaging something... even for the DIY enthusiasts among us. In other cases, it's simply a matter of not having the time. Whatever the reason, EasyFit Roller Blinds provide a quick and simple solution with minimal mess - they are even suitable for tiles! It’s important to note that EasyFit roller brackets only apply to recess fitting.
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Sub-header (optional): Which rooms are EasyFit Roller Blinds most suitable for?
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  1. Bathrooms
  2. Kitchens
  3. Laundry Rooms
  4. Children's Bedrooms/play rooms
PVC fabric is an option in addition to our full range of printed, plain and patterned fabrics. The PVC fabric an option highly suited to moisture rich rooms e.g. bathrooms where humidity is high and spills are likely!
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Sub Header (Optional): Installing Bloc EasyFit Roller Blinds
Text Content: Bloc EasyFit Roller Blinds can be fitted by following just a few simple steps. We've pulled together the following quick guide showing you how to install roller blinds without drilling holes - you'll never look back:
  1. Fix EasyFit 2x brackets in place. Remove the backing tape from the rear of the bracket and position. When positioning, make sure the back end is at least 30mm away from the window frame. Wait 24-72 hours for adhesive to bond.
  2. Fit roller blind into EasyFit brackets. Press spring-loaded side into the bracket. Then, lift the chain side into the bracket and release spring-side to hook into place. Check the blind is level and adjust the bracket if it is not level.
  3. Fit the spacing clips and check the blind is secure before finally mounting the p-clip to the wall. Lastly, feed the chain through.
You can watch the full installation video HERE
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Sub Header (Optional): The Fabric Changer
Text Content: Closing out this article is our Roller Blind's (not-so) secret special ability. If you wish to update or refresh the look of your roller blind without replacing the whole unit, our Fabric Changer is perfect. Check out our video below which shows exactly how easy it is to renew the fabric in your roller blind in an easy & sustainable way which doesn't break the bank...
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