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How to Sleep Better at Night Naturally
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Did you know that 51 percent of the world adult population is not getting enough sleep according to the latest Global Relaxation Report compiled by Princess Cruises? More than 80 percent say they regularly use their weekends to "catch up"? This shocking statistic indicates it would be useful for us to learn how to sleep better at night naturally, since the UK tops the bill with 63 percent of us being sleep deprived.

In order to understand how to sleep better at night naturally, it’s first important to examine the factors in your life that are preventing you from drifting off. There are a number of obvious reasons why we don't get a good night’s sleep. These include drinking caffeine late at night, noise or having an uncomfortable bed. However, there are a few other surprising factors too. Below are some hints and tips to help you sleep better.

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You might be surprised to learn that the tiniest amount of light, even that from a lamp or the LED lights of alarms, TVs or stereos can disrupt your sleep. An outside streetlight or the sun coming up when spring/summer sets in can also massively interfere with natural sleeping.

Consider putting either Blackout Roller Blinds for a dimming effect or a BlocOut™ Blind for total darkness. There are many to suit every taste, décor and practicality in our award winning range. Make your rooms darker and switch off lighting as the darker it is, the better you sleep and the sweeter your dreams.

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The ideal temperature to sleep is between 15and 23 Celsius. Having your room too hot or too cold will affect your sleep. Warmer temperatures may feel comfortable when you're in the bedroom. But your brain, when trying to drift off, provides different indicators to the body such as to cool down or warm up.

This is giving your brain something else to think about, other than helping you to get to sleep. BlocOut™ Blinds and Blackout Roller Blinds can help with heat insulation and are energy efficient to help regulate temperature throughout the year.

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Text Content: Those last few push ups before bed aren't a good idea. Exercise stimulates the nervous system. try not working out for 3 hours before bedtime. The brain only needs to be thinking about winding down and not whether or not you managed to burn off those calories from the take away pizza you ate hours earlier.
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Text Content: Passing out or having an alcohol induced sleep is not how to sleep better at night naturally. Although the brain will switch off and you'll get to sleep quicker, you WILL wake up lethargic and without a clear head. Try to avoid alcohol for 3 hours before bedtime.
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Sub Header (Optional): Consult your GP
Text Content: If you've tried all the above methods and they haven't helped it may be time to see your doctor. Don't feel concerned that you are wasting your GP’s valuable time. Sleep deprivation is a serious issue and could be linked to other more serious medical conditions. You may temporarily need a little medication to help you wind down at night.
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Sub Header (Optional): How to sleep better at night naturally – supplements
Text Content: Over the counter natural remedies including passion flower tea, valerian, glycine and lavender are available but don't buy anything without discussing your specific sleep problem with the pharmacist. Chemists have an excellent understanding of natural remedies for a number of sleep disorders.