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Exclusive New Designs at Bloc Blinds
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Text Content: Bloc Blinds has collaborated with UK textile pattern designer and screen printer, Laura Slater on an exclusive collection of designs. Laura, who established her design studio and print workshop in West Yorkshire after graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2007, has an impressive client list including Heals, Harvey Nichols and John Lewis.
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Text Content: Laura’s work is occupied with the engagement we have with pattern and colour its ability to connect us with the environments and objects we surround ourselves with. As a designer Laura’s methodology is centred around developing products as a vehicle for the interaction with directional, colour, pattern, and print as part of the everyday. Process is an integral part of Laura’s practice with drawing and printmaking at its core. Laura’s outcome is predominately resolved through the intuitive method of working with composition, colour and surface through the act of making. Laura Slater
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Sub-header (optional): Laura Slater x Bloc Blinds Overview
Text Content: Our approach to developing this patterned series was centred in nature and its inherent visibility and impact on the way we live. The collection is made up of 6 different patterns with different colourways and below is a little insight to the inspiration behind these unique patterns.
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Sub Header (Optional): Plantera
Text Content: Focusing on foliage derived form and layering, Plantera was designed using the process of intuitive collage. The design explores abstract interpretations of familiar house plants the monstera and fiddle leaf fig, in tonal green and monochromatic colourways. Much like its stylized shape play, scale and collage design process, the designs seek to offers a bold, and playful approach to pattern for interior space.
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Sub Header (Optional): Sumi
Text Content: Created from the soot of burnt plants, ‘Sumi’ black pigment, used in traditional Japanese Ink Painting and Calligraphy inspired the concept for this pattern design. A contemporary interpretation of soft geometric, calligraphy like brush strokes, created with Japanese brushes this design comes in Indigo and Terracotta, two colours derived from the land and natural sources of earthy pigmentation and colour.
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Sub Header (Optional): Queen Palm
Text Content: Queen Palm is all about escapism to tropical faraway lands. Referencing palm like sweeping forms created through the layering of structured brush strokes and soft sponges’ textures, this is immersive pattern design is all about transporting us to distant natural landscapes associated with relaxation and warmer climates. Tonal green, and monochromatic colourways offer a warmer or cooler option for the home.
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Sub Header (Optional): Hydrangea
Text Content: A celebration of the English summer and the timeless appeal of florals in pattern design, ‘Hydrangea’ combines both collage and hand-painting processes to develop bold gestural floral blooms in fluid repeat formations. Working with brightened tonal variations of natural colour sources, indigo terracotta, mint and ochre the aim is to bring the garden outside- in.
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Sub Header (Optional): Philodendron
Text Content: The climbing Philodendron inspired this linear design full of movement. Capturing a more minimal approach to line and composition of leaf and vine like forms, this design promotes and offers a more relaxed and fluid design to get lost within. Developed into soft pastel tones with accents of indigo and terracotta and monochromatic colourways.
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Sub Header (Optional): Linn Gardens
Text Content: Exploring the Scottish Landscape, this design celebrates the lesser known beauty of Linn botanic gardens, hosting rare botanical specimens from all over the world. Developing stylised interpretations of many of the rare natural curiosities found here, this design was created through exploring hand screen printing processes, exploring colour layering, composition and mark making on cloth. Colour was derived from found sources of the muted Scottish landscape with accent colours originating from Scottish wildflowers nearby.
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Text Content: Shop the exclusive collection now at; BlocBlinds/LauraSlater
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Text Content: Follow us on Instagram at Bloc_blinds to get some inspiration on products for your home and see the exclusive new fabrics and collections.