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Mental Health Awareness Week
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Sub Header (Optional): Sleep and Mental Health
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A good night’s sleep can boost your overall health, especially your mental health. According to the Mental Health Foundation one in three of us suffer from poor sleep with the consequences affecting more than just feeling grumpy or unfocused. Considering one sleepless night may make you irritable, it will come as no surprise that a chronic lack of sleep increases your chances of developing mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

According to The Mental Health Foundation sleep and mental health are closely related: living with a mental health condition can affect your sleep and poor sleep can affect your mental health.
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Sub Header (Optional): How can a poor night’s sleep affect our mental health?
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Recent studies have shown that a poor night's sleep can cause or increase mental health issues. Sleep deprivation can turn into a source of stress, anxiety and depression and lead to depressed moods, moodiness, irritability and negative thinking. A Poor night's sleep can cause you to become even more stressed and anxious due to the fact you are stressing about wanting to get a good night’s sleep and then struggling to fall or stay asleep.
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Sub-header (optional): How can a good night’s sleep improve our mental health?
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Good sleep is the foundation for positive mental health. According to RESMED getting a good night’s sleep can help your mental and emotional resilience against mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

A good night’s sleep can have many benefits for your overall mental wellbeing, for example:
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve your mood
  • Think more clearly
  • Improve your attention
  • Helps you face each day with a positive outlook
  • Improve emotions and social interaction
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    Sub Header (Optional): Five steps for improving your sleeping habits for better mental health
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  • Try to establish a routine for waking up and going to sleep
  • Avoid going to bed until you are drowsy and ready to go to sleep
  • Make sure you have a comfortable bed and bedroom environment – noise, light and temperature should be tailored to your preferences
  • Try to avoid using screens such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops etc an hour before bed
  • Looking after yourself physically for example; engaging in physical activity, thinking about your diet and spending more time outside can all improve your sleep
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    Sub-header (optional): Create a healthy sleep environment with the BlocOut
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    For a better night’s sleep, it is important to create the perfect bedroom environment. We believe that creating as much bedroom darkness as possible is important for a better night’s sleep.

    Bloc Blinds have solved the problem with unwanted light peering through your window with the award-winning BlocOut Blackout blind. The BlocOut is designed to block out unwanted light and will ensure unrivalled levels of darkness for naturally induced sleep.

    We believe that sleep nourishes life and just like the food we eat, the better the quality, the better we feel. Restless and unsettled nights starve our wellbeing resulting in unproductive, anxious days.

    The better we sleep, the better we live.

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