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Tips to help you sleep naturally
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Sub-header (optional): 1. Create Darkness In Your Bedroom
Text Content: Your body is programmed to sleep when it is dark which can be tricky for many of us whose body clocks are battling with light sensitivity, shift work, irregular routines, young children and light pollution. The essential sleep hormone, melatonin, rises in darkness to help create deep restorative sleep. The highly acclaimed BlocOut™ system has specially engineered side rails and a bottom bar which provides almost total darkness in your bedroom day or night and all year through.
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Sub-header (optional): 2. Declutter Your Mind
Text Content: To improve your chances of a good night's rest it’s important to be in a relaxed state of mind. Unplug any screens and digital distractions an hour before bedtime with the exception perhaps of a sleep meditation app and focus on quieting down your thoughts in order to create a feeling of calm.
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Sub-header (optional): 3. Bathe In Magnesium Salts
Text Content: A relaxing soak in the bath, with the addition of magnesium salts, can works wonders for inducing your best night's sleep. As well as reducing stress and relieving muscle aches, the warm water will regulate your body temperature encouraging better quality sleep.
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Sub-header (optional): 4. Limit Food And Drink In The Evening
Text Content: Reduce stress on your digestive system by cutting down on large meals late at night and prevent disruptions to your sleep pattern throughout the night by avoiding caffeine and alcohol. For an alternative refreshment try herbal tea remedies such as camomile.
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Sub-header (optional): 5. Nature's Way
Text Content: Getting regular outdoor exercise and making sure your room is well ventilated will vastly improve sleep quality and raise daytime energy levels. Experts advise maintaining a bedroom temperature between 16-18°C in order to maximise conditions for deep, uninterrupted sleep.