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Rollerblind Made to measure with Fabric Changer system
EasyFit Roller Blind Drill free, easy to fit with Fabric Changer system
Premium Roller Blind Cassette roller with fabric pelmet option
Zebra Roller Blind Flexible light control day and night
Double Roller Blind Multi-tasking double roller with Fabric Changer System
Additional Fabrics Order new fabric for any Fabric Changer Roller Blind
BlocBlinds Premium Drill Free Roller Blinds
Skylight Blinds
Bloc Blinds Offer For Skylights
Made to Measure Skylight Blinds Custom made for non-standard skylight sizes
Solar Skylight Blinds Remote control operated with solar powered batteries
Skylight Blind Accessories Poles and extra remote controls
BlocBlinds Solor Custom Skylight Blinds
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Realistic Resolutions you can keep
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Sub Header (Optional): 1. Don't Crash Diet
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The NHS urge dieters to not go for the quick fixes that flood the supermarket and pharmaceutical shelves in the January month. Shakes, supplements and other supposed weight lose aids will only take your much-needed, hard earned cash & possibly contribute to discomforting digestion problems. Instead they recommend you lose weight the smart and safe way; gradually.

Gradual weight lose can be achieved by simply reducing your calorie intake by 500 calories a day, cutting out sugary drinks and takeaways. You can count this resolution as helping watching your wallet as well as your weight!

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Sub Header (Optional): 2. Reduce Alcohol Intake
Text Content: The benefits of staying away from alcohol are widely known. Increased energy levels, healthier skins and completion and the chances of developing cancers. You can thank sobriety for a healthier liver, heart and mental health too.
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Sub Header (Optional): 3. Go Eco
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Its 2020, global warming and climate change has now become a serious threat. We are a disposable society that needs to change. We all need to do our part to recycle more and become more conscious of our spending habits. Read the packaging of your purchases to insure it is recyclable. If you do not have the recycling capabilities, get them!

There are plenty of recycling centres and if you haven’t already got a small food waste brown bin for your kitchen, your local council can provide you with one as well as the proper bags. Bloc Blinds Fabric Changing System allows you to change your roller blind fabric without having to change the barrel mechanism, meaning the aluminium barrel is not thrown away to waste.

The relevance of climate change means we all need to become more eco-friendly. Keep it close to home with locally made Roller Blinds. Bloc Blinds roller blinds are made in the UK and our BlocOut™ Reduces heat loss by 43%, which means you can do your part to reduce energy use & bills.

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Sub Header (Optional): 4. Book A Holiday
Text Content: With all the money you’re going to save by refraining from alcohol and silly detox teas, why not spend it on a relaxing holiday? Make it a staycation and explore more of your surroundings. Immerse yourself in history or discover peaceful picturesque lakes and mountains in the UK & Ireland.
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Sub Header (Optional): 5. Improve Your Sleep Quality
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The Bloc Blinds BlocOut™ Roller Blind can help you to get into a better sleep routine. 9/10 customers reported they get a better night’s sleep with the BlocOut™. With unrivalled darkness, it’s the perfect blackout solution.

Getting a restful night’s sleep can improve your memory and cognitive ability meaning you can improve your focus levels and become better organised.

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Sub Header (Optional): 6. Declutter and Clean
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The Spring season wreaks havoc on our sinuses, they don’t call it a spring clean for nothing! The NHS advises installing roller blinds as an alternative to curtains to combat both dust and pollen allergies. Add a roller blind for a simple and effective window dressing that can be changed as frequent as you like and cleaned with ease thanks to the Bloc Blinds Fabric Changer System.