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Sleep and blackout blinds
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Sub Header (Optional): Sleep... it's complicated!
Text Content: Sleep, and the science of staying asleep can be a complicated subject. This is especially true in 2021. We are only beginning to understand how the past 20 months have changed the way we sleep, making our life falling asleep more complicated than ever. So let’s make sense of it and cut through the noise. We’d fancy ourselves as sleep experts, especially with our BlocOut line of blackout blinds. We’ve even won awards for it, so you can rest easy! Let’s dive into the BlocOut and explain what makes this product so unique for promoting great sleep! You may not know the surprising ways BlocOut can enhance your day-to-day life…
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Sub-header (optional): Good Sleep Reduces Stress, Reduced Stress Improves Sleep
Text Content: Regardless of when we wake up, feeling well rested and refreshed is about how we slept rather than when. Sleeping well reduces the impact of daily stress, which in turn improves sleep by feeling less stressed. This is a delightful cycle when everything works. But did you know that over 36% of UK adults and children struggle to fall asleep?

Struggling to fall asleep can be caused by too much noise or light in the bedroom. This is worst during the Summer months, but affects shift workers, sensitive sleepers and parents with young children all year round. Keeping both our own and our children’s room dark and quiet reduces sleep stress. These are among our favourite features of the BlocOut blackout blind. How does it do this? The snug fitting, made-to-measure aluminium rails combined with the thick, thermal blackout fabric (and a full-width bottom seal) darkens rooms more effectively than the competition and softens outdoor noise. A quiet and dark room, no matter the time of day, encourages us to fall asleep and stay asleep. See it in action HERE.
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Sub-header (optional): Cosy Environment, Lower Bills
Text Content: Speaking of reducing stress, lowering bills and monthly costs can be the key to happiness. It would go a long way towards lifelong inner peace! With the cost of living rising higher and higher, we need to get creative to keep costs low. Did you know that around 18% of household heat is lost through uncovered windows? That is not so hot, and with UK energy prices soaring, it’s safe to say we’re feeling the pinch. Retaining heat in the home is a key and perhaps underrepresented feature of BlocOut. Our thermal fabrics reduce drafts and retain heat by creating a tight seal around windows with the custom made-to-measure fit. This reduces heat loss by up to 43%, giving you a cosy home for better sleep and a more relaxing atmosphere at home, safe in the knowledge your heating bills will be lower.
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Sub-header (optional): Ready to buy?
Text Content: Considering picking up your own BlocOut? We think you’ve got great taste and we fully endorse this decision (we aren’t biased, we swear!). Delivered within 7 working days if ordering tonight, discover the full range by clicking HERE to see more.