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The Best Sleep Apps and What you Need to Know
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Sub Header (Optional): Understanding sleep
Text Content: There are three main stages of sleep. To know how much you personally need, it’s a good idea to understand these stages and what they do. Stage One: Almost immediately after nodding off is when you are most alert and can be easily woken. Your eye movements will slow down and this is when you may experience muscle spasms or the feeling that you're falling. This initiation into your sleep cycle is relatively short and normally lasts no longer than 10 minutes. Your brain and muscles start to relax. When we catch "40 winks" this is the only stage of sleep we enter. Stage Two: This is the first stage of defined and recognised light sleep. Although this stage of sleep is still relatively light, the part of the brain that instructs you to wake up is shutting down. Your eye movements at this stage will normally stop and your heart rate will slow down. Stage Three: More commonly known as deep sleep, it’s often difficult to wake someone in this stage as the body is restoring the muscles and tissues in the body. When people experience sleep disorders such as sleep walking or night terrors it's often at this stage of sleep. The immune system is being rejuvenated and you're compiling energy for the day ahead, these are the most important stages of sleep.
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Sub Header (Optional): Best sleep apps
Text Content: There are some great apps out there that can be downloaded to help you drift off into a natural and healthy sleep. Here are four of our favourites:
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Sub Header (Optional): 1. Sleepbot - Free on iPhone
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This easy to use app utilises alarms and trackers to record your sleep pattern and help you understand your various sleep cycles. If you have difficulty drifting off there are a number of relaxing melodies to help you unwind and relax. The recorded data enables you to set alarms when you've completed the stages of sleep needed to be ready for the day ahead.

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Sub Header (Optional): 2. Pzizz - Free on Android and iPhone
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A celebrity recommended app helps to induce sleep using a combination of melodies, sound effects and verbal instructions that are developed to improve each part of your sleep cycle. As with the above app it also has alarms to ensure you wake up at the right time.

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Sub Header (Optional): 3. Sleep Cycle - Free on Android and iPhone
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Analysing your sleep and heart rate throughout the night, its intelligent alarm clock records your sleep patterns and wakes you at the correct time. Thankfully, people who use this app can choose within a 30-minute window for this alarm, ensuring you aren't woken up during the night or at your most important stages of sleep.

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Sub Header (Optional): 4. Smart Blinds- Control your sleep - Free on Android and iPhone
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Optimise your chance for a great night’s sleep with SMART blinds. Control light in your bedroom by programming your blinds to open and close to suit your sleep cycle using a remote control, voice activation or app activated scheduled. For your best chance at achieving the full 8 hrs download Bloc Blinds’ app on Google Play.

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