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Waterproof Bathroom Blind Ideas & Inspiration
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Sub Header (Optional): Why Should You Choose Water Resistant Blinds?
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Blinds in the bathroom (or kitchen) that are exposed to heavy use or limited ventilation are vulnerable to the effects of excessive amounts of water and condensation. This has the potential to damage and discolour, inevitably causing the effectiveness of the blind to become hindered.

Deterioration is usually due to the bottom of the blind becoming damp from contact with water. Sometimes it may become warped as a result of continued exposure to dampness. Water resistant material prevents plenty of issues. A simple wipe of a waterproof blind can ensure that no build-up of mould or discolouration will occur.

Our PVC blinds are available in a wide range of contemporary colours including white, cream, light grey, dark grey and black.

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Sub Header (Optional): What Types Of Blind Can You Choose?
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If you're looking to add a splash of colour to your bathroom windows or the window hasn't been frosted and you need some privacy, Bloc Blinds has something for you. We offer a wide selection of bathroom blinds that are made with tough and durable materials, yet the ultimate in style. Browsing the Bloc Blind bathroom collection is a great way to improve existing bathrooms or for you to create your own spa like paradise.

In addition to traditional roller blinds, you have a choice of Zebra blinds, the modern equivalent of vertical blinds allowing you more flexibility in light and privacy settings.

Fabric changer roller blinds allow you to change colours simply by unhooking and re-hooking the fabric. This option allows you to refresh your bathroom periodically without major work. It takes seconds to transform a room with our unique fabric changer system.

If by some remote stretch of the imagination you can’t find a design you like in our collection, there is an option to print your own design. How cool is that?

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Sub Header (Optional): How To Clean Roller Blinds In The Bathroom
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Cleaning roller blinds in the bathroom is easy. If you have opted for PVC blinds, the coating of the fabric is waterproof and therefore low maintenance.

Wipe down the fabric with a damp cloth or sponge. Regular blind fabric is easily cleaned with a soft brush. All Bloc Blinds come with instructions on how to clean roller blinds and what to clean them with. It couldn't be simpler.

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Sub Header (Optional): Bathroom Blind Ideas
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Some of us spend hours in the bathroom, indeed many achieve their most constructive thinking lying in the bath. If this sounds like you, create a mood masterpiece with the bathroom blind ideas in our collection. Pastel shades or bold colours to match your accessories, towels and bathrobes are all possible with our roller blinds.

Others view the bathroom as functional and practical. Bloc Blinds offer styles to suit every bathroom requirement - from a stylish Spa to a basic wet room. Why not enquire to see what we can offer or create just for you?

Available in key colours to match bathroom hardware [white, cream, light grey dark grey and black]

PVC fabric is waterproof, wipeable, can withstand damp conditions.