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Content Guidelines

Bloc Blinds accepts no responsibility for the images provided. The customer must ensure that the image does not breach any of the content guidelines as depicted by Bloc Blinds. Images and other material (including textual annotations to and comments on Images) uploaded, posted, contributed, distributed, communicated, transmitted or linked-to by a User on, through or in connection with Bloc Blinds are treated as "User Content" for the purposes of these Terms. Users must have the right to deal, and the right to authorise us to deal, with their User Content in the ways that they and we use it in connection with the Services or for other purposes referred to in these Terms. You must not upload User Content, or otherwise deal with User Content through Bloc Blinds, if you do not have the right to do so.

Each User shall ensure that his/her User Content, and his/her and our use of it, does not:

The above are our Content Rules. Although we prohibit the uploading of Images and other User Content which infringes our Content Rules, we cannot control and do not monitor or pre-screen the use of our Site and App. It is possible that Images or other User Content may be accessible through our Site which contravenes our Content Guidelines. We are not responsible for such Images or User Content.