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Bloc Wooden Blind - Frost White Smooth - 50mm

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Total Price: £8.70
  • Child Safe Safe by Design - No loose, dangerous cords or chains
  • Next Day Delivery Same day dispatch, delivered next working day as standard. No extra cost!
  • 100% Waterproof The venetian slats will not warp or mark from water. Ideal for use in any room.
  • Cordless
  • Lightweight
  • UV Resistant
  • Offers unrivalled privacy and light control
  • Durable
  • Wand adjust system
  • Anti-warping technology
  • Co-ordinated stylish Pelmet

The NEW Bloc Wooden Blind is the UK's only child safe faux-wooden slatted blind. Cordless, therefore safe by design and is available next day delivery!

The Bloc Wooden Blind is 100% Waterproof - designed with 'anti-warping' technology ensuring that moisture does not alter the shape of the slats.

Featuring 50mm slats in white faux Wood, our venetian style blind can be adjusted with precision using the child safe wand. No more free hanging cords, no more wasting time trying to get the blind level or in your desired position.

Watch our "How to Operate" video here.

Suitable for any room in the house, including moisture rich rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens! The twistable wand adjusts the slat angles for easy light control, making it a perfect day and night blind for your home.

The Bloc Wooden Blind is made to measure by hand by our team of experts, offering the cleanest and most seamless look on the market. Featuring 50mm horizontal slats that can be chosen in varied white finishes of either smooth surfaced or wood grain effect and come standard with a coordinated stylish pelmet.

Safe by design! The easy-to-use spring assisted lift system removes the need for dangerous pull cords which present a strangulation hazard to young children. This makes our Wooden Blind the only child safe faux-wooden venetian Blind in the UK.

  1. Are Bloc Wooden Blinds Child Safe?

    Yes! Bloc Wooden Blinds are Safe by Design. The easy-to-use, spring assisted lift system removes the need for dangerous pull cords which present a strangulation hazard to young children. The wooden venetian blind is adjusted simply, with precision and ease, using the child safe wand. This makes our Wooden Blind the only child safe faux Wood Blind in the UK. Watch our "How to Operate" video here.

  2. How do I clean my Bloc Wooden Blinds?

    Use a feather duster, microfiber cloth, brush attachment from your vacuum or a non-abrasive soap with warm water. Wipe each side of the slats in an across and down motion. Top Tip is to run a dryer sheet over each wooden slat to prevent dust accumulation.

    The Bloc Wooden Blind is 100% Waterproof and is available in both smooth or wood grain 50mm slat finishes which makes them easy to clean.

  3. Why choose white?

    White is the No.1 selling colour as it reflects more light into any room, giving a brighter and spacious feel to your living space. The white finish allows for the perfect backdrop for both a modern or a traditional setting.

  4. Why 50mm slats?

    Our large 50mm slats allow for greater light control, allowing more light and air to circulate into your room when required.

  5. How do I measure my Window for Bloc Wooden Blinds?

    Measuring your window for venetian blinds is easy. Simply measure the Horizontal and Vertical dimensions. We have two fitting options: Recess, which fits inside the window, or Exact, which fits outside the window recess. For more detail, check out our 'How to measure' videos.

  6. How do I fit my Wooden Blinds?

    Our Bloc Wooden Blinds come with an installation instruction manual. You can also check out our 'How to install' videos for more details