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Easifit Roller Blinds

Drill free and easy to fit the Easifit Roller blind is perfect for DIY novices and pros alike. Choose speed and simplicity for a stress free change of look.

  • No Screws or Power Tools!
  • Simply Secure with 4 Pins
  • Remains Adjustable Post-Installation
  • Fabric Changer System Included

No drill, no mess, no fuss. Just beautiful blinds.

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Easifit Roller Blind in Pavement Blackout
Click to OrderPavement Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SamplePavement BlackoutEasifit Roller BlindFrom £22.48
Easifit Roller Blind in Soft Ripple
Click to OrderSoft Ripple fabric sampleOrder Free SampleSoft RippleEasifit Roller BlindFrom £22.48
Easifit Roller Blind in Starry Glow Blackout
Click to OrderStarry Glow Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleStarry Glow BlackoutEasifit Roller BlindFrom £22.48
Easifit Roller Blind in Textured Husk Translucent
Click to OrderTextured Husk Translucent fabric sampleOrder Free SampleTextured Husk TranslucentEasifit Roller BlindFrom £22.48
Easifit Roller Blind in White Mist Translucent
Click to OrderWhite Mist Translucent fabric sampleOrder Free SampleWhite Mist TranslucentEasifit Roller BlindFrom £22.48
Items Per Page: