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3 Quick DIY Fixes to Improve Your Home this Bank Holiday Weekend
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Sub Header (Optional): Quick and Easy Bank Holiday DIY Ideas to Try This Weekend
Text Content: Here are 3 quick and easy Bank Holiday DIY ideas for common niggles that will add value to your property and make a big impact in your home in as little time possible, leaving you with extra time to enjoy your bank holiday in whichever way you choose. Bank Holiday weekends and DIY home improvements go hand in hand, but it shouldn’t be all work and no play.
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Sub Header (Optional): Home Improvement Dilemma #1 Cramped Living Space - Quick And Easy Bank Holiday DIY Idea: Create An Extra Room
Text Content: Most of us spend the winter months cooped up in one or two snug areas within the house. How about adding an extra room to your home this bank holiday in the form of your garden? Optimise your garden space and boost your well being this Bank Holiday by pruning, planting, removing weeds and clearing debris and clutter in your outside space. For a longer term fix think about incorporating glass doors at the back of your house so that you can enjoy your garden from the comfort of your home all year round. As an added bonus well planned gardens attract potential buyers, adding value to your home should you choose to sell.
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Sub Header (Optional): Home Improvement Dilemma #2 Unsightly Window Dressings Quick And Easy Bank Holiday DIY Idea: Drill Free Roller Blinds
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Whether its old curtains that you inherited from the previous owner, make-do sheets pinned up in the spare room window, dust gathering wooden blinds or heavy drapes that take up too much space, the wrong window dressing can determine the whole style and feel of a room and your house as a whole.

Roller blinds are a fantastic solution in any home. They modernise and maximise a space instantly, rolling up into a small barrel when not in use, allowing precious daylight to flood in whilst optimising visibility when looking out. Bloc Blinds’ Easifit Drill-Free Roller Blinds are perfect for DIY novices and pros alike; this roller does not require any power tools for installation. Installing your blind couldn’t be simpler allowing you a fast and stress free change of style. With floor space freed up try adding an occasional chair or window seat to make the most of your new look.

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Sub Header (Optional): Home Improvement Dilemma #3 Tired Looking Tiles Quick And Easy Bank Holiday DIY Idea: Steam Cleaning
Text Content: General domestic use takes its toll on busy areas and nowhere is it more obvious than on tiles. Hire or buy a steam cleaner to refresh tile grouting, it will give busy floor and sink areas a quick and effective face lift whilst improving the overall appearance of kitchens and bathrooms. You won’t believe the difference it makes when you’re finished, leaving you with a bright and fresh appearance that’s as good as new.
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Sub Header (Optional): Refreshed And Reenergised. Do It Yourself And Add Value And Style To Your Home
Text Content: These budget friendly DIY quick fixes will have a lasting impact on your home; adding value and making you fall in love with it all over again. By making small but effective improvements you’ll reap the rewards with minimal effort, leaving you with plenty of time to enjoy the Bank Holiday and the summer months ahead.