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Curtains or Blinds? Why not Curtains and Blinds Together?
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Sub-header (optional): Combo #1 Luxurious Drapes And Translucent Roller Blinds
Text Content: Heavy velvets, colourful trims and dramatic prints provide a powerful and theatrical window dressing creating a strong look in any room. To enhance the drama of curtains it’s important to choose a light filtering roller blind in a translucent or transparent fabric in muted tones to allow precious daylight into the room and soften the whole appearance.
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Sub-header (optional): Combo #2 Sheer Linen Drapes And Black Out Roller Blinds
Text Content: This is the ideal combination for anyone wishing for the darkness provided by a black out blind and the lightness of a natural fabric. This duo provides a light, contemporary look with practicality and style. Opting for a pale coloured black out fabric and teaming it with a white or neutral linen or natural weave will ensure that your room looks bright and airy, particularly in smaller spaces. A darker toned balck out fabric will create a clean edge and depth to your window setting.
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Sub-header (optional): Combo #3 Textured Roller Blinds And Plain Curtains
Text Content: Striking textured or patterned roller blinds are a contemporary and stylish window dressing on their own, but, when paired with plain curtains the appeal is extended to add another layer of texture and depth. Have fun pulling in bright colours and choose your curtains either to create a contrasting pop or to incorporate a complementary duo.