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Made-To-Measure Skylight Blind

Bloc Premium Skylight Blinds are unlike anything else on the market. With a range of additional patented design features, they will enhance any roof window.

  • Compatible with all major skylight brands
  • Easy 4 screw installation system
  • Clips are attached to the fabric to ensure the blind stays securely within the runners at all times
  • Fabric is completely enclosed, reducing fading and significantly extending the life of the fabric
  • 3 frame colour options
  • Cord free Safe By Design as standard
  • Brush seals create a barrier between the blind and the window frame, blocking out light and reducing heat loss
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Custom Skylight in Rainbow Sketch Blackout
Click to OrderRainbow Sketch Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleRainbow Sketch BlackoutCustom SkylightFrom £96.31
Custom Skylight in Saffron Blackout
Click to OrderSaffron Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleSaffron BlackoutCustom SkylightFrom £96.31
Custom Skylight in Scarlet Blackout
Click to OrderScarlet Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleScarlet BlackoutCustom SkylightFrom £96.31
Custom Skylight in Soothing Starfall Blackout
Click to OrderSoothing Starfall Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleSoothing Starfall BlackoutCustom SkylightFrom £96.31
Custom Skylight in Space Age Blackout
Click to OrderSpace Age Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleSpace Age BlackoutCustom SkylightFrom £96.31
Custom Skylight in Taupe Blackout
Click to OrderTaupe Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleTaupe BlackoutCustom SkylightFrom £96.31
Custom Skylight in True Blue Blackout
Click to OrderTrue Blue Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleTrue Blue BlackoutCustom SkylightFrom £96.31
Custom Skylight in Truffle Blackout
Click to OrderTruffle Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleTruffle BlackoutCustom SkylightFrom £96.31
Custom Skylight in Wasabi Green Blackout
Click to OrderWasabi Green Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleWasabi Green BlackoutCustom SkylightFrom £96.31
Custom Skylight in Charcoal Grey Herringbone Translucent
Click to OrderCharcoal Grey Herringbone Translucent fabric sampleOrder Free SampleCharcoal Grey Herringbone TranslucentCustom SkylightFrom £121.00
Custom Skylight in Dark Indigo Blackout
Click to OrderDark Indigo Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleDark Indigo BlackoutCustom SkylightFrom £121.00
Custom Skylight in Grey Polka Dot Blackout
Click to OrderGrey Polka Dot Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleGrey Polka Dot BlackoutCustom SkylightFrom £121.00
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