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BlocOut™ XL Blackout window blind with side rails for larger windows (up to 2400mm)
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Premium Roller Blind Cassette roller with fabric pelmet option
Zebra Roller Blind Flexible light control day and night
Twin Roller Blind Multi-tasking double roller with Fabric Changer System
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BlocOut™ Skylight Blinds for Velux

Transform rooms that have skylights with the award winning BlocOut™ Skylight. Create sleep inducing darkness, reduce heat loss and protect furniture from solar damage with precision cut, easy to install skylight blinds. Make life easier with the addition of motorisation. Suitable for VELUX® roof windows, Roto, Fakro, Dakstra and more.

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Skylight in Coal Blackout
Click to OrderCoal Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleCoal BlackoutSkylightFrom £39.93
Skylight in Deep Sea Blue Blackout
Click to OrderDeep Sea Blue Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleDeep Sea Blue BlackoutSkylightFrom £39.93
Skylight in Macadamia Blackout
Click to OrderMacadamia Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleMacadamia BlackoutSkylightFrom £39.93
Skylight in Moleskin Blackout
Click to OrderMoleskin Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleMoleskin BlackoutSkylightFrom £39.93
Skylight in Ruby Blackout
Click to OrderRuby Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleRuby BlackoutSkylightFrom £39.93
Skylight in Smooth Duck Egg Blackout
Click to OrderSmooth Duck Egg Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleSmooth Duck Egg BlackoutSkylightFrom £39.93
Skylight in Bleached Cotton Translucent
Click to OrderBleached Cotton Translucent fabric sampleOrder Free SampleBleached Cotton TranslucentSkylightFrom £69.97
Skylight in Bleached Muslin Transparent
Click to OrderBleached Muslin Transparent fabric sampleOrder Free SampleBleached Muslin TransparentSkylightFrom £69.97
Skylight in Alpine Lake Blackout
Click to OrderAlpine Lake Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleAlpine Lake BlackoutSkylightFrom £41.23
Skylight in Buttercup Translucent
Click to OrderButtercup Translucent fabric sampleOrder Free SampleButtercup TranslucentSkylightFrom £41.23
Skylight in Cactus Translucent
Click to OrderCactus Translucent fabric sampleOrder Free SampleCactus TranslucentSkylightFrom £41.23
Skylight in Chambrey Blackout
Click to OrderChambrey Blackout fabric sampleOrder Free SampleChambrey BlackoutSkylightFrom £41.23
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